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Submit Your IB Film to IB Film Fest 2023

We are thrilled to invite you to submit your film to the IB Film Fest! This is your chance to showcase your creative vision in any IB film role. 

Use Code IB2023 for free submission

Why you should submit a film?

  1. Recognition - Your film could be screened in IB schools around the world!  

  2. It's safe - We make sure that all submissions follow the academic honesty and privacy policies of the IB. Your film will not be on public display online. We only screen them at IB Schools who host the fest.

  3. It's free - Just ask for a coupon to not pay the submission fee on Film Freeway.​

Submit your IB Clips now:

Use Code IB2023 for free submission

Film Roles

You can chose to submit any film clip from any of the 5 IB Film roles. If you want your film to be judged holistically and not just on one role, submit as "general" role.

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