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Host a Festival at your School

Host a Festival

The IB Film Fest needs you!  Do you want to host a film festival at your school? ​

Hosting a Festival is easy. You can showcase all your class' films alongside the official selection. This is a great way to showcase the creativity and talent of your school. We give you everything you need, from templates for posters, social media and promotional texts, to an easy way to screen all the films in the official selection. This process adheres to all the IB academic and ethical policies.

Here is what you need:

  1. Contact us so we can get you more information

  2. Agreement from your school to make it a official "school-sponsored" event

  3. A space (room, theater, gymnasium, even outdoors is ok)

  4. A few volunteers to prepare everything

Host an IB Film Fest

Thank you - we will be in touch soon!

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